SEC opens comments for CBOE SolidX Bitcoin ETF proposal


SEC opens comments for CBOE SolidX Bitcoin ETF proposal


At the end of June, the CBOE provided a proposal to the SEC to list and trade SolidX Bitcoin shares as a Bitcoin ETF backed by VanEck asset management.

Now, the SEC has opened up the comments page for the CBOE ETF proposal, where you can learn how to submit comments and see what others have to say.

Read on for some highlights from the comments so far.

Stop messing around and just have a respected company like Coinbase approve or reject this. You guys have terrible judgement…

By continuing to deny the structure of a new market, by denying ETFs and larger institutional and individual on-ramps, your department is forcing investors to utilize a diverse set of sometimes less secure, less regulated, or services that are not as stable.

Bitcoin achieving the the ability of reaching ETF is only going provide relief across the world in nations hat do not have access to the same resources as Americans. This is a new global currency that is paving the way for future generations.

You gentlemen must do it, this is literally our future right now. You’ll be regarded as financial visionaries, and think about the job creation. There’s simply too much on the table to do nothing. Please, take us under your wing. Thank you

I am a retail investor who supports the approval of a Bitcoin ETF. I think SEC approval and regulation will go a long way towards protecting retail investors, like me, who believe in the technology behind distributed ledger/blockchain assets such as Bitcoin and its ilk, but want government involvement to protect us from market manipulation from whales and marketmakers.

Not providing a solution here funnels money to companies with less regulatory oversight. This increases the likelihood of fraud and theft. It also discourages innovation, from the United States, in technology that could have global significance. Japan is institutionalizing Bitcoin and the United States doesn’t want to be too far behind.


This fund seeks to target high net-worth investors, so I do not see a risk to retail investors. To to contrary, I think and ETF that is backed by actual bitcoins versus futures, is much more healthy for the market and will provide more stability.

Please let this ETF pass. I’m a high net worth individual looking to to have bitcoin as a small percentage of my portfolio. I am not alone. This is a fully legitimate asset class and we should as free Americans have the option of this investment vehicle.

You guys have allowed much riskier investments! It is essential that they have a ‘physical’ backed ETF none of that futures nonsense, which I believe is the real enemy of retail investors.

As a citizen of this great country, I implore you to consider authorizing the BTC ETFs that are currently under consideration. This can be a pivotal step on a long road of revitalization and innovation for our country and we can not afford to let other nations get ahead of us in the crypto-currency space.

Continuing to refuse applications for Bitcoin ETFs means that investors are forced to contend with unregulated or less regulated providers in order to access the asset.

If the SEC wants to continue to be relevant in the coming years, it will take the lead on this issue and pave the way for the global community to come together and embrace the endless possibilities of blockchain currency, commodities, and eventually securities.

Eric Davis, causal retail investor in myriad investment vehicles

As you can see, a lot of very smart people are letting the SEC know they support the CBOE’s SolidX Bitcoin ETF proposal.

Via SEC • h/t Wolf Crypto News



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