EU Commission grants €20 million to IOTA and +CityxChange consortium


EU Commission grants €20 million to IOTA and +CityxChange consortium

CityxChange consortium

IOTA has announced €20 million in EU funding for the +CityxChange consortium as part Horizon 2020, the “Smart Cities and Communities” call of the EU research and innovation program.

+CityxChange (positive city exchange) is a smart city project including Trondheim, Limerick, Alba Iulia, Pisek, Sestao, Smolyan, and Voru, who will use the funding to experiment with digital services that aim to improve quality of life, generate surplus energy, and share their experiences as light house project to inspire other European cities.


The project is being led by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) along 11 large enterprises, 9 SMEs, 3 non-for-profit organisations and 2 universities inclduing: IES R&D, Powel AS, University of Limerick, Energy Agency of Plovdiv, Future Analytics Consulting, Research2Market Solutions, ISOCARP, TrønderEnergi Kraft AS, ABB Norway, ATB, AVIS Budget Group, Statkraft Varme AS, ESB Innovation RoI Ltd, ESB Networks, Ove Arup & Partners SAU, FourC AS, R.Kjeldsberg, Smart MPower, Space Engagers, Colaborativa, Officinae Verdi, IOTA Foundation, NHP Eiendom, and GKinetic Energy Ltd.

Experts gave the +CityxChange proposal top marks among the competing proposals.

Via IOTA • h/t Bitcoinist



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