BitGo expands custody service, adds 57 ethereum tokens like KIN, CVC, and more


BitGo expands custody service, adds 57 ethereum tokens like KIN, CVC, and more

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Business-focused blockchain software company BitGo aspires to make digital currencies usable for business.

Today they’re one step closer, having shared with CoinDesk that they’ll be adding 57 new ethereum assets to their institutional custody services.

Here’s an image of all of the tokens that are available:

Custody services were also in the news earlier this month, with Coinbase announcing and trumpeting the success of their custody service.

For BitGo’s part, the move to offer more tokens is born out of demand from institutional investors.

“These institutions, they generally don’t want to self-manage their coins. They are looking for someone that can support multiple coins.”

Benedict Chan, CTO of BitGo

The launch will include support for Kin (KIN), Civic (CVC), and a number of decentralized exchange tokens, all of which were “explicitly requested” by institutional clients according to BitGo’s product manager Isaac Eleftheriadis.

The work doesn’t stop at picking tokens, as the BitGo team will constantly monitor the tokens for code changes, security issues, and more.

Visit to learn more about BitGo Custodial Solutions.

Via CoinDesk



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