20 cryptojackers arrested in China, illegally mined $2.2 million


20 cryptojackers arrested in China, illegally mined $2.2 million

Thanks to the work of a large, well-executed investigation, Chinese authorities have made 20 arrests by in a massive cryptojacking case.

The case started in January when Tencent’s Keeper Program security team notified officials about a mining script hidden in a plugin for their popular Wechat software. The script would secretly mine tokens when CPU usage was below 50%.

The Qingzhou Public Security Bureau was able to track down the trojan horse developers to the city of Qingzhou, pinpointing Dalian Shengping Network Technology Co, an individual named Yang Mobao, and also implicated other players.


The trojan apparently infected 3.89 million computers with ad-ware and selecting 1 million of them to silently mine in the background, netting 15 million yuan ($2.2 million) in crypto over the past two years, including 26 million DGB coins (“extreme coins”), DCR coins (“Des coin”), and SC (“cloud coins”).

At this time 11 suspects have been released on bail and nine others remain in custody.

Via Legal Daily • h/t BTCNN



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