Is the Waves token undervalued in 2018? In tonight’s Waves Platform Review our friend Rodney from Crypto Bros takes us through an in-depth analysis. In the video, many of the strong points of Waves are discussed including an overview of the team, a whitepaper review, the ease of creating and issuing tokens on the platform and much more.

Waves is a custom blockchain tokens platform designed for large-scale business and consumer adoption. Waves was created to make the benefits of blockchain technology accessible to ordinary businesses and end users. The platform launched in 2016 and was designed from the ground up to address the shortcomings of existing blockchain services. The result is an enterprise-ready platform that emphasizes security, easy token operations (creation, transfer, exchange) and a straightforward user experience, as well as dealing with critical long-term issues such as speed and scalability. (1)

From a price standpoint, were wondering if Waves has the potential to get back to its all-time high. Considering they are well established, have a working platform, a DEX and are launching ICOs there is room for them to be a major player in the platform game. Check out the video and decide for yourself!