Coinigy Trading Software


Coinigy is a desktop technical analysis and charting software tool. Coinigy also enables you to trade on over 45 different exchanges from one secure login. Coinigy offers a free 30-day trial.


It can be hard enough to keep track of all your coins. With Coinigy, you can trade, track, and secure your cryptocurrency all in one place.

With their free trial, you can try Coinigy for 30 days before you decide.

Here’s a look at some of the key features:

  • Exchanges: Trade from over 45 exchanges including favorites like Binance, Bitfinex, and GDAX.
  • Monitoring: Conigy offers 24/7 exchange & wallet portfolio monitoring to help offer you peace of mind.
  • Uptime: Coinigy boasts 99.9% uptime from a cloud-based Google datacenter.
  • Efficiency: Trade right from your chart with 75 different indicators that sync right to your favorite exchanges.
  • Notifications: Get SMS, email & even in-browser price alerts in real-time.
  • Speed: Instant access to real-time API & historical data. Trade like a big institution without the costs.
  • Mobility: Sync your account with tons of Apps and third party integrations. (Google sheets, Chrome extensions, and more)
  • Knowledge: Brush up on your TA with an archive containing helpful instructions and tutorials. Get support from the 24/7 help desk.
  • Secure: All user data is secured with encryption and your funds are safe and secure.


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