Are you a noob looking to mine Garlicoin? Do you own a Windows PC with an AMD graphics card?

If you answered yes to these questions, then this guide is for you.

Let’s not waste time, here’s how to get started mining Garlicoin on your Windows PC.

Mining can literally cause your PC to catch on fire. Proceed at your own risk.

Part 1: Set Up a Wallet in Garlium

Before you can mine Garlicoin, you’re going to need a wallet to store your earnings. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Garlium website

  2. Download the “Installer for Windows” via the big blue button.

  3. Install and launch the Garlium software.

  4. Create a name for your wallet, or keep the default:

    Garlium Install - Wallet Name

    Garlium Setup Wallet Name Screen as of Jan 29, 2018

  5. Choose the “Standard wallet” on this screen:

    Garlium Install - Wallet Type

    Garlium Setup Wallet Type Screen as of Jan 29, 2018

  6. Choose “Create a new seed” here:

    Garlium Install - Keystore

    Garlium Setup Keystore Type Screen as of Jan 29, 2018

  7. Choose “Standard” seed type:

    Garlium Install - Seed Type

    Garlium Setup Seed Confirmation Screen as of Jan 29, 2018

  8. Next, you’ll see the all important “wallet generation seed.” Write these words on a piece of paper, or print them out, but do NOT save the seed anywhere on your computer and certainly not online.

    Garlium Install - Your Seed

    Garlium Setup Seed Screen as of Jan 29, 2018

    Once you have the words written down, click Next.

  9. Type in your seed from the previous step to make sure you wrote it down correctly, and again, click Next:

    Garlium Install - Confirm Seed

    Garlium Seed Confirmation Screen as of Jan 29, 2018

    IMPORTANT: Store the piece of paper with your seed words in a safe place, ideally secure from fire / water / etc. These words can be used to recreate your wallet from any computer.

  10. Finally, set a password to encrypt your keys, then click Next. This is optional but recommended. Here’s the screen:

    Garlium Install - Password

    Garlium Setup Password Screen as of Jan 29, 2018

  11. At this point, you should see the main Galium interface, which will default to a sad, empty History tab:

    Garlium Interface - Empty History

    Garlium history tab as of Jan 29, 2018

  12. Click on Receive tab. It looks like this:

    Garlium Interface - Receive Tab

    The Garlium receive tab as of Jan 29, 2018

  13. Copy your “Receiving address” by clicking the little blue icon.

Congratulations, you’ve just set up your first Garlicoin wallet and stored the address in your clipboard. Now let’s move and set up some mining software.

Part 2: Set Up the Mining Client

Choose your GPU brand to continue. If you don’t know it, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Mining Garlicoin With an AMD GPU

  1. Download the SGMiner client

  2. Extract the .zip file to the location of your choosing.

  3. Open the folder, which should have a name like “sgminer-5.5.5-gm-nicehash-8-windows-amd64,” and find the file named 11GARLICOIN – POOL.bat

  4. Right click on that file, choose “Edit” to see the .bat file:

    SGMiner BAT - Original

    The SGMiner BAT File, portions highlighted, as of Jan 29, 2018

  5. Find the word “ADDRESS” and paste your Garlium receiving address from step #12 above in there. It should look something like “GeqxEKzj6R7BpFe2Qtnd1TqWrRGM59epP7” or similar.

  6. Find the url “stratum+tcp://” and replace it with “stratum+tcp://” (without the quotes).

    NOTE: The FreshGRLC.NET mining pool offers ZERO fees which really can’t be beat. Learn more at their website or see more Garlicoin mining pools.

  7. Make note of the intensity setting, which is the 13 you see highlighted above. We’ll tweak this a bit later to try and make sure you’re getting the most oomph from your GPU.

  8. Next, save the .bat file and close it if you’d like.

Mining Garlicoin With an NVIDIA GPU

Coming soon!

If you’re good at following directions, and a bit lucky, at this point you should be ready to start mining Garlicoin.

Part 3: Mining Garlicoin, Optiminizing Intensity, and Sweet Success

Okay, sooooo close! Now we’re gonna download a temperature monitor and start mining some garlicoin.

  1. Before we fire up that .bat file, download, install, and run the appropriate temperature monitoring app for your GPU:

    NOTE: If you already have a way to monitor your GPU temperature, or want to do your own research, please do. The examples above are just one option.

  2. More coming soon! White you’re waiting, here’s what it looks like once you’re mining:

    Mining Garlicoin with Nvidia GPU and CCMiner - Copy

    Mining console mining Garlicoin (GRLC) using ccminer. // Image via ccminer

    And here’s an overclock screen:

    Overclocking Your GPU With EVGA

    Example of overclocked GPU settings in EVGA. [These are NOT recommended settings.] // Image via EVGA

    And here’s a Garlium wallet:

    Garlium Wallet While Mining Garlicoin (GRLC)

    Image via Garlium as of Feb 15, 2018

Garlicoin Mining Pools

Here are a few “popular” Garlicoin mining pools, with fees as of Feb 4, 2018:


Visit the Garlicoin pool list for even more pools that you can sort by hash rates, pool %, number of workers, fees, and more.