Ethercraft is a spanking new RPG that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game has three main components: items, crafting, and dungeon crawling.

This post will focus on items, and more specifically, on the subset of “Enchanted” items from Ethercraft’s initial inventory offering (IIO).

What are “enchanted” items in Ethercraft?

Ethercraft has a variety of inventory item categories including helmets, legs, gloves, boots, loot, shields, weapons, chests, tomes, amulets, rings, charms, consumables, and accessories.

As part of the IIO, there are products in all of these categories that are “enchanted.”

These are (way) more expensive than the normal items, but they come with a critical benefit… you can earn back ETH every time someone buys the item after you.

Why do I want to have “enchanted” items in Ethercraft?

Great question! Two reasons, primarily.

First of all, once there is actual gameplay, “power players” will be able to use enchanted items to help offset losses on dungeon runs where they die, and maximize their gold return on successful runs.

Second, and more to point of this post, enchanted items that you purchase in the IIO offer you a kickback… every time someone buys one after you, you receive ETH back.

Ethercraft - Merchant's Enchanted Dagger

The Merchant’s Enchanted Dagger from the Ethercraft IIO Shop as of Feb 9, 2018 // Image via

Please note: the smart contracts for IIO items in Ethercraft (e.g. Frog Hat example) end on Feb 14, 2018, at which point you’ll no longer be able to buy or earn “bonus” payouts for these items. You can also see the Enchanted Shop smart contract which is kind of neat.

What are the kickbacks for “enchanted” items in Ethercraft IIO?

And here we come to the heart of the matter.

Enchanted items in the Ethercraft IIO range from 0.027 ETH to 1.018 ETH (seriously!) while the kickbacks range from 0.0001 ETH to 0.05 ETH.

However, if you evaluate the cost of each item against the kickback, it’s clear that certain items have greater potential payouts based on your initial investment.

What is the ROI for “enchanted” items in Ethercraft IIO?

Below is a table showing all of the enchanted items in the Ethercraft IIO, sorted by potential ROI by comparing the cost to the kickback:

Item Cost Kickback ROI
Merchant's Enchanted Bangle0.50.0051.00%
Merchant's Enchanted Cologne0.250.00251.00%
Merchant's Enchanted Dagger0.250.00251.00%
Merchant's Enchanted Ring0.50.0051.00%
Enchanted Dobok Top0.10.0011.00%
Enchanted Dobok Bottom0.10.0011.00%
Merchant's Enchanted Amulet0.5010.00250.50%
Merchant's Enchanted Cloak0.5030.00250.50%
Merchant's Enchanted Token1.0180.0050.49%
Enchanted Kimchi-jjigae0.1030.00050.49%
Merchant's Enchanted Potion0.2070.0010.48%
Enchanted Black Belt0.2090.0010.48%
Enchanted Red Ginseng0.1070.00050.47%
Merchant's Enchanted Knickers0.220.0010.45%
Merchant's Enchanted Dobulet0.230.0010.43%
Merchant's Enchanted Shield0.2350.0010.43%
Merchant's Enchanted Bag0.2380.0010.42%
Enchanted Crystal Powder0.0270.00010.37%
Merchant's Enchanted Hat0.1410.00050.35%
Merchant's Enchanted Gloves0.1440.00050.35%
Merchant's Enchanted Boots0.1470.00050.34%
Enchanted Bell0.030.00010.33%
Enchanted Crystal0.0340.00010.29%

As you can see, not all rewards are created equally.

Are “enchanted” items in Ethercraft an investment?

No, well, certainly not a financial one. It’s simply a small bonus for early adopters.

The real “value” in these items is the enhanced power and utility they offer in the game.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re buying IIO items on Ethercraft before the shop closes, and you’re considering some of the more expensive “enchanted” items, take some time to learn about each of them and ensure that you’re focusing on those items with the best ROI.

Plus, they’ll only be around for a short time, so get ’em while you can. Who knows, you might just end up owning the next Pink War Dog or Age of Wulin Sword!