Tonight on Product Hunt we came across a new app called Bitcoin Flip, which bills itself as “a cryptocurrency trading simulator for novices.”

This sounds like a great idea, allowing you to get your feet wet trading without all the risk (or heart palpitations).

Let’s take a look at few screengrabs:

Bitcoin Flip - Home Screen

The Bitcoin Flip homescreen. // Image via App Store

Bitcoin Flip - Trading Simulator

The Bitcoin Flip chart and trading interface. // Image via App Store

Bitcoin Flip - Challenge Friends

The Bitcoin Flip challenge friends screen. // Image via App Store

While the Bitcoin flip website is little more than a landing page, the app is pretty rich with features.

Here’s a list from the App Store…

  • Learn to Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, and Ripple.
  • Follow real-time cryptocurrency market data with 0.0005-second accuracy.
  • Experience risk-free trading, as no real money is involved.
  • Get $5,000 play money to begin with and watch your equity grow.
  • Engage in fun worldwide competition with other crypto traders.
  • Invite your friends to compete with you and share your trading results.

As you can see, developer Laura Pinne has worked hard to create an engaging way for those who are less experienced or more risk-averse to give crypto trading a go without putting any money on the table. And that includes the app… which is free.

Notably, there are no “limit” trades allowed in the app, but that may actually be a good thing given that the app targets newer investors and those with limited trading experience.

If you’re ready to try trading crypto without the risk, grab Bitcoin Flip for iOS or Bitcoin Flip for Android and give it a shot.
You’ve literally go nothing to lose!

P.S. When you’re ready to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for real, the easiest way to get started is to join Coinbase. To buy Dashcoin and Ripple, join Binance.